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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

28th October 1984 (Sunday)

I found this old book in my desk and decided to keep it as my diary. It is now two days after my sixteenth birthday. So far I feel no difference between fifteen and sixteen. I locked myself in my room last night and ate no dinner. I was dying to go to the Woodvale dance, but as usual, I was not allowed to go. I was so angry with Mum that I threw her ashtray out the window and threw my watch on the floor and broke it. The reason I was so desperate to go to the dance is because Paul O'Leary was going. I like him so much! My friend Karina Neumann was also going and she also likes Paul. I think Paul likes me, but I'm not sure. He talks to me a lot at school and helps me with my homework. But I always make a big deal out of nothing. I've never had a boyfriend. ("Sweet sixteen and never been kissed" goes for me). Our senior formal was on my birthday. My first formal. It was OK I guess, but of course Paul made it terrific. I was half expecting some announcement for my birthday, but a nobody like me? I must be mad. Paul goes to Japan next year as an exchange student. I will miss him. At the moment I'm great friends with our Japanese exchange student, Yoko Takahashi. But if she gets any closer to 'my' Paul, it may not last much longer. The American exchangee, Ann Hudson, and I were great friends, too. I should be writing to her as I received a letter from her two months ago and still haven't replied. My cousins, Owen and Trent, are up for the weekend. We're having Kevin's (Dad's brother) birthday lunch today. I suppose they will sing happy birthday to me, too. I've got so many assignments in Grade 11, it's not funny. I have to do my Biology camp assignment for tomorrow and of course I haven't started yet. Better get to it right away.


  1. This is fantastic - I wish I had kept a diary for my boarding school years. I will follow this one with interest

  2. Oh god, the angst. The names change but the problems probably don't. Ha, can't wait for more :)

  3. Oh I LOVE it already!!!
    I have a similar diary myself but not brave enough to post it.
    THANK YOU!!!
    Will follow religiously!!!!!!!