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Thursday, December 31, 2009

31st December 1984 (Monday)

Well, it's the last day of 1984.  Today was still as boring as ever.  I'm sitting at home on New Year's Eve, listening to the radio and writing my diary.  I don't mind though.  I can't see the sense in staying up late just to see the clock strike 12, Big Deal.  You wake up the next morning and it's still New Year's Day.  Why watch the very first minute of it?  We're going down to Aunty Pat's and Uncle Henry's again tomorrow which is good.   I need something to break this boredom.  I was so bored today that I read for five hours with a break for lunch.  (I finished the book).  Mum made me a dress today.  I think it looks alright but I'm not sure.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

30th December 1984 (Sunday)

Nothing at all has been happening lately and I'm terribly bored.  Dad's cousins from Mackay came to Nan's today and we had lunch over at her place.  Aunty Cor and Owen and Trent also came up.  That's all that happened for the whole day.  I was so bored that I cooked again.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

29th December 1984 (Saturday)

There were hardly any customers at work this morning, it was very boring.  I had to work with Donna Hemlock.  She's nice but a bit wild.  Mr Myer (the boss) went off at me twice.  Shane Ludbrock invited me to his New Year's Eve party but I don't think I'll go.  We went to mass in town tonight but Paul wasn't there.  Jo went though and I had a few words with her.

Monday, December 28, 2009

28th December 1984 (Friday)

Today was very boring, dull, uninteresting, event-less etc.  All I did all day was play games and cook again.  Although I did do my piano practice for the first time since my lesson about a month ago.  The holidays are a real drag unless someone's here.  I hope to get Joanne up again soon.  I have to work tomorrow and Kelly won't be there so I don't really want to go.  Work's bad enough without Kelly being away.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

27th December 1984 (Thursday)

I got a Christmas card from Ann.  I was very glad to hear from her.  She also sent me her school photograph.  It was reallly nice.

I cooked a slice today.  I haven't cooked for ages but this recipe was so simple.  It's from a cook book Mum got for Christmas.

Paul still hasn't called.  I wish he would.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

26th December 1984 (Wednesday)

Mason & Aaron (his brother) and Aunty Pat came up today and we had lunch at Nan's with them.  Joanne came up to give me my Christmas present today.  She gave me a gorgeous calendar.  It's got really cute pictures for every month.  I dropped hers in their mailbox yesterday.  I was so tired today that I went to sleep at Nan's for about 1 hour.  I wonder if Paul will ring me?  I really hope he does, but I doubt it.  I've eaten so much that I've put on 3kgs in 3 weeks.  How disgusting.  I'll have to try and do something about that.  I'm 53kgs and I want to be 45-47.  But I doubt it very much that I'll make it.

Friday, December 25, 2009

25th December 1984 (Tuesday)

Today was great.  I love Christmas.  First, to start the day, Mum's parents and her sister's family and her brother came to our place.  We had just our family's presents then we had Mum's side's presents.  After that I gave a little concert to them all.  I used to be very shy at playing the piano in front of people but now I quite enjoy it.  After this we went to Aunty Pat & Uncle Henry's place for lunch (they are Mason's parents).  To get to their place we have to go down a back road.  It's fairly long and I drove on it.  I shouldn't have really because I don't have a license but cars rarely travel on it.  It's the first time I've driven on a public road.  When we got home we had presents at Nan's with Dad's side of the family.  I handed them out.  After this we had Christmas dinner.

Dad gave Mum a beautiful marcasite watch.  She was so surprised.  She'd been admiring it in the jeweller's window for years.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

24th December 1984 (Monday)

Well, it's the day before Christmas.  I love Christmas time, especially being around the whole family.  We went to Christmas mass tonight.  We took Yoko because Drydens (the people she's staying with) aren't Catholics and Yoko is.  Yoko did say something to Paul about the party.  She always says the right thing at the right time.  She also told me Paul will ring me to thank me for the Christmas card.  I can't wait until he does.  Yoko told me next year's exchangee is a guy from Switzerland.  He'll also be in Grade 12.  I hope he's cute!  We went over to Nan's after mass tonight.  We always do on Christmas Eve, just for a drink and some Christmas cake.  I can't wait until tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

23rd December 1984 (Sunday)

Joanne's grandfather died today.  He'd been ill for quite some time.  Mum went down to see if she could do anything for the Willetts which meant I had to milk.  I haven't been over to the dairy for months.  I hate milking.  It's so boring.  I hope I don't marry a dairy farmer.

Chloe and Karen left this morning.  They may be coming back later in the holidays.  I hope so because we get terribly bored if no one is here except us.

Mum and Dad went to a Christening this morning so we had lunch at Nan's.  They also went to Johnson's for a sort of Christmas party.

I was helping Melissa sew today.  It's her first attempt.  She's doing very well, but, like me, she has very little patience.

Melissa and I watched "Romeo & Juliette" tonight.  Seeing love stories really makes me feel lonely.  I feel I need someone to love me but I don't think it will ever happen.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

22nd December 1984 (Saturday)

I went to work this morning and saw something which shook me up quite a bit.  Paul T was holding hands with Robyn Flemming, who is one of the biggest dags in the school.  That means Paul T must go for the daggy girls which says a lot for me!  It also means he didn't like me after all, either that or he gave up, but I don't think he really did like me.

We went swimming in the river today with Karen and Chloe.  The water was beautiful. 

This morning Mum booked a unit at Sandpiper (where I went with Willetts) for next year.  We're going in the first two weeks of the Christmas holidays.  I can't wait!

Peter found out his T.E. score today.  He got 905 which is also very good.  My brain of a cousin Mason Benning, of course, got 990.

We went to mass tonight and I saw Paul O'L.  It was really great seeing him again.  I was going to talk to him but he came to me instead!  He said, "What's this I hear about you, Miss Benning?"  I didn't have a clue what he was talking about.  And he said I should have taken it for granted that I was invited to his farewell party.  You see, I was saying to Yoko that I didn't thank he'd invite me.  Anyway, Yoko must have told him, I'm glad she did.  Mum must be going to let me go because she told me to think about a present to buy for him.  His party is on the 13th and I can't wait.  The bad part is, he's leaving 4 days after.  I'm really going to miss him.

Chloe came with us to mass tonight because Aunty Kaye & Uncle Frank took Nan & Kevin so there wasn't enough room for Karen and Chloe in their car.  We went to Bodallin and the others went to Hilldale.  I'm glad we went into town because I saw Paul.

Monday, December 21, 2009

21st December 1984 ( Friday)

Well, I'm home.  I had to leave at 6am.  I came home with Mr Willett.  Karen and Chloe are at Aunty Kaye's place.  They are Peter's sisters.  I arrived home at 7am and was at Aunty Kaye's most of the day.  She was baby sitting the next door neighbour's two girls and baby boy, so we helped.  David Barrett found out his T.E. score today, he got 970 which is very good considering 990 is the highest possible score.  970 is the minimum requirement for vet science at Uni which is what he wants to do, so he made it!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

20th December 1984 (Thursday)

Today we went roller skating.  I'm absolutely hopeless.  But it was fun.  We sunbaked at the beach but didn't go swimming in it because the water was freezing.  So we went swimming in the pool and then sunbaked again.  I got burnt so I hope it goes brown.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

19th December 1984 (Wednesday)

It's Peter's birthday today and Joanne sent him a card.  We went to Sea World all day today and it was fun.  We went on 13 rides.  I bought Ann a postcard and I'll send it tomorrow.   We haven't seen those guys since last night, it's very depressing.  We went walking along the beach this afternoon and went in the spa for a few minutes.  At Sea World we went on the Corkscrew 6 times and we had to sit in the front seat because that's where I saw Joey sitting in a magazine.  I sat in both sides so I have definitely sat in the same spot as him.  How thrilling!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

18th December 1984 (Tuesday)

I finally got to the coast!  We were swimming in the pool for ages then we went to Pacific Fair.  I got Mum's Christmas present, some perfume.

Joanne gave me the biggest surprise of my life, and best one, too.  SEVEN PICTURES OF JOEY PERRONE!!!  Real live ones.  He was performing at Pacific Fair all last week and she took some photos.  And I missed him!!

We were looking out the bedroom window tonight and these two guys in the next unit's spa started waving and blowing kisses at us.  I asked them how old they were and one was 17, I don't know the other one's age.  They were telling us to come down but we didnt.  We hope they're cute.  We couldn't tell from five floors up, in the dark.  Anyway, we'll probably see them tomorrow, I hope.

I saw Joey on TV tonight and nearly fainted.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

17th December 1984 (Monday)

I'm finally going to the coast tomorrow!!  Today was boring.  Although I was ironing and the cord shorted out.  There were flames and sparks and it scared the hell out of me.  Practically all I did today was iron, watch TV & swim on the tramp.  I can't wait until tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

15th December 1984 (Saturday)

I went to another Tooradin Dance tonight and when I arrived I wanted to go straight home again.  But it ended up to be OK.  I knew that none of my friends were going but I thought either Brad's family or Eric's family of Streets may go.  But neither did.  That's why I wanted to go home.  But then Karen Johnson started talking to me and it was alright after that.  I only had 2 dances in the end.  There were no guys there at all to dance with.  Benny Schneider came in for a few minutes and I haven't seen him for about a year.  He has a twin, Bryant, and they moved to Mt Isa last year but come back for the holidays.  Anyway, I liked either Benny or Bryant or both for a total of about a year, but being the most popular guys in Bodallin, I didn't have a chance.  Although at one dance Bryant held my hand and had his hand on my knee.  But I was only 14 and I didn't know what to do because I'd never had a boyfriend so nothing came of it (worst luck).  They're both absolutely gorgeous.

Work today was the same as usual...dull.

Monday, December 14, 2009

14th December 1984 (Friday)

Today was the last day of school for the primary schoolers and the grade 8s & 9s.  Tooradin School (my old school) had a break-up day picnic and we went down.  Yoko also came.  It was quite a good day.  They had races and a treasure hunt for the school kids but the best part was the concert they put on.  Melissa was in the choir and I had to tape myself playing the piano music for them.  The teacher thanked me and everyone clapped and I was very embarrassed.  Adam Brandt is only in grade 9 but he is very cute, he also went.

Yoko asked me about the camp again and I really wanted to go, but Mum said no.  I asked Yoko to ask Paul O'L, the Zimmermanns, Karina, Paul T and anyone else if they would like to come here on Monday to go swimming in the river.  I don't think they'll come because they all went on the camp and she thinks it goes until Monday night.  I paid Yoko the money for Paul's present today and now I wish I didn't.  He probably thinks of me the same way I think of Teddo (Paul Teddington) and giving him a present will only make it worse.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

13th December 1984 (Thursday)

Today was great!!  We went into the city first and I bought a few Christmas presents:  A travelling bag, pencil and rubber for Geoff and Melissa; a rubber each for Matthew and Shamus (my piano students); chocolate coated nuts for Dad; writing paper for Yoko; talcum powder for Jo and that's it.  I bought a t-shirt top for $10, it's yellow and I really like it.  Mum bought some coloured material for shorts for me and Mel.  I bought a book of theme songs to play on the piano.  Nan gave me $5 to buy my present from Kevin so I got a different theme song book (it was a bit more that $5 so I paid extra).  Grandma said to buy music up to $10 from her for Xmas so I bought another Richard Clayderman book.  It should be great (it was also more so I had to pay extra again).  Mum bought me some very nice shoes and material to make me a dress.  So altogether I spent $43.45.  Yoko had her hair permed on top and it's not too bad!  After this we went to Sunny Court, a Chinese Restaurant.  The meal was delicious but it was so big I couldn't even fit in dessert!!!  There was a waiter there who must be one of the most gorgeous guys I've ever seen in my life.  He was so cute.  I had a fun day with Yoko and I even saw Cathy O'Leary (Paul's cousin) whom I've only seen twice since she went to boarding school this year.  Yoko and I were talking about Paul a lot and I still really like him.  She bought him a diary for Christmas and said I could go halves so I think I will.  It wasn't very expensive but at least he'll remember me.  I just hope he doesn't think badly of it, after the term dance he's hardly spoken to  me.  But then again, I've hardly seen him.  Rural Youth are going on a camp this weekend and Yoko asked me to go.  I'd like to because Yoko, Karina, Louise and especially Paul are all going but Mum said no, so I guess I won't be going.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

12th December 1984 (Wednesday)

Mum went out to a progressive dinner tonight.  I don't know what it was for.  She's in quite a few organizations and I never know what she does for which one.

I wrote out a Christmas card to Ann tonight and will send it to her tomorrow, when we go to Brisbane.

I didn't go jogging this afternoon but I swam on the trampoline instead.  What we do is tie the hose onto the tramp, let it run, then jump.  It's a good way to get brown, fit and it's fun all at the same time.

I did some dusting today and cleaned some walls for Mum.  That's pretty unusual because I usually do nothing.  I'm very lazy.

I'm really looking forward to three things at the moment:  Tomorrow; My stay at the coast; and Christmas.  I love the atmosphere around Christmas.  It puts me in a good mood.

Friday, December 11, 2009

11th December 1984 (Tuesday)

Karina rang me today and we talked for an hour about nothing important.  I'm glad she rang, I was pretty bored.  Although I have been doing a lot of reading lately.  Karina got a postcard from Ann today.

I wrapped Nan's Christmas presents for her today.  She gets me to do it every year, I don't mind.  But I had to wrap my own present which was disappointing as it ruined my surprise.  It is beautiful though but I won't mention it until Christmas.

I did jog again this afternoon!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10th December 1984 (Monday)

I got a postcard from Ann today which was great.  I'll have to send her a Chrissy card soon.  Although I won't have much news to tell her.

I went jogging down the hill this afternoon with Mel.  It's only about 800m but that's plenty for me!  I'll try to do it every afternoon but I'm pretty lazy.

Mum & I are going shopping in Brisbane with Mrs Dryden (Yoko's host mother) and Yoko on Thursday.  Yoko said she might ask Paul to come.  I hope he does but I doubt he will.

I'm dying to go down to the coast.  It should be great fun.

I keep forgetting to write this piece of info...
Louise confirmed my thoughts about Paul Teddington at the dance on Saturday night.  She said he's after me and that he's really sweet.  Maybe he is but I'm not interested.  Today, guys don't matter to me.  But that won't last for long!!!

9th December 1984 (Sunday)

Peter and David went home today.  They said they might come back after Christmas.  I really hope they do.  Today I felt very upset because I felt neglected.  I like those guys a lot, but as per usual, they don't care.  At the moment I'm really looking forward to going down to the coast with Jo.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

8th December 1984 (Saturday)

Work this morning was pretty boring (as usual).

I went for a ride on the bike with Peter today.  I love going with him because he goes so fast.

All the excitement of the day actually happened tonight.  I just arrived back from a Hilldale Dance.  There was a very poor crowd but I had a great time.  We went with Aunty Kaye, Uncle Frank, Peter & David.  The amazing thing was that I didn't miss one dance (for the first time) AND I won the lucky spot with David (we won a block of chocolate).  I danced with David and Peter every time but had 1 dance with Uncle Frank.  At first, Dave & Peter were fighting over who was going to dance with me.  I was having a great time, then the Rockabilly came on.  David & I, and Peter & Denise Myall were going crazy and having a great time but then David started to mention his girlfriend Christine a lot.  I must have been making it obvious that I like him.  On the way home in the car I felt bad because I had 2 great guys beside me but neither would even give me a second glance.  I'm still trying but it's a hard life.  I don't think I have that many traits that turn guys off, I must be just grossly unlucky (or I am wrong about the traits (?) ).

Monday, December 7, 2009

7th December 1984 (Friday)

I am going to the coast with the Willetts now.  In about 1 1/2 weeks.

We got our reports today.  I got 1 Very High Achievement, 2 Highs & 3 Sounds.

We also went to dancing lessons tonight.  It was fun, Peter & David went.  Paul & Yoko didn't make it but I didn't really mind.  I like David now.  I know it's a waste of time because he'll never like me and I think he's had one girlfriend for 6 months but......

Paul T went and I was stirring him.  It was fun.  Sandra Klein & her friend (I hate both of them) were hanging around him because he had his stereo system there.  Anyway, I went over to him & said, "Nice girls, Paul", and he thought I was jealous (which I intended).  It was fun.  The Paul O'L bit obviously didn't work.  Bevan went and a bit of rivalry went on between him & Peter over Joanne.  Nothing verbal just eye contact.  Poor Bevan.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

6th December 1984 (Thursday)

Last night was bad.  Yesterday was worse.  We went swimming at the river and Peter made his move.  He was talking to Joanne and then I remembered I had to teach a piano lesson, so we all headed back.  I was first back at the tractor and I saw Peter & Joanne walking back holding hands.  I kept telling myself I wouldn't mind if Jo & Pete got together but when I saw them I proved myself wrong.  I don't know why I felt jealous of Joanne.  Either because she had a guy or because she had Peter.  Last night David and Peter said they'd come over to our place but it was late & they still didn't come so Jo & I went to get them from Aunty Kaye & Uncle Frank's.  Then we went to play pool at Nan's.  I got very angry with them because they were ignoring me & always lied to us.

But I've cooled down today.  Today was good.  We went swimming today, again.  And this time I went too.  (Yesterday I only watched).  Everyone else had gone in but me.  I always take ages to go in water.  Peter kept getting out & jumping in again.  Once he went behind me and "accidentally?" slipped in, pushing me in too.  I loved it of course.  I heard David say, when I took off my t-shirt & shorts, "Mm, not bad," to Peter.  I was the only one out of water so I think he was talking about me.  I hope he was.  We went bike riding today.  Jo & Peter and David & me.  It was fun.  Peter had been avoiding Jo today and when she was riding on the bike with him he told her to forget about it, that she lived too far away.  I feel sorry for her because she really likes him.  She went home tonight. She asked me to go down to the coast with them for a few days but I don't think Mum is going to let me go.  Mrs Willett has 4 clots in her leg.  But I really wanted to go.

Friday, December 4, 2009

4th December 1984 (Tuesday)

Today was pretty good.  I went bike riding (on the farm motorbike) with Peter, David & Geoff.  Peter was doubling me and I loved it.  We played tennis after that with Jo at the primary school I used to go to 700m away at the end of our track.  The boys rang her up but I didn't speak with her because I was jealous.  She is up here at the moment and she's staying for a few days.  Peter should enjoy that.

Joanne just read my whole diary and I'm very embarrassed.  She's watching me write this now (sticky beak).  Peter got very annoyed with me today.  Everything I did annoyed him.  He only has eyes for Jo.  That's depressing.  He's so cute.  David.  Joanne was complaining that I didn't mention David, so I did.

(Peter changed his shirt 3 times today.  Tara is dictating and I'm (Joanne) just writing.)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

3rd December 1984 (Monday)

Well, this afternoon Peter and David came up.  If I want an easy way to forget Paul, it's Peter.  Peter is the first guy I ever really liked (when I was about 10).  Every time I see him I fall for him.  He still likes Joanne but Geoff and I are doing a pretty good job of warning him off.  Geoff likes Jo & I like Peter so we've got good reasons.  We told him if he wanted to go any further than talk (which he does) to forget it because she'd back off.  I'm pretty sure she would, anyway it's working.  I know he'll never like me the way I want him too but being with him makes me feel good so I'll have to be satisfied with friendship.

I really want to be loved and held by someone I care about but I'm sixteen and have never had a boyfriend.  And only dags have showed an interest in me.  Maybe I should join the nuns, or committing suicide might be a good idea.  It would have to be painless of course, I'm a coward.  I've often thought about an overdose of tablets but I don't know how many it would take or if it would work.  And if I do it I'd have to make sure I did it right.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2nd December 1984 ( Sunday)

I'm almost too tired to be doing this now but because I didn't write last night, I thought I'd better.

I went to work yesterday morning.  Kelly had to leave early because her sunburnt back was causing her so much pain.  It was so bad, she was crying.  Poor thing.  So Donna came in again.

The Tooradin Dance was on last night.  Louise Zimmermann went.  She's a good friend from school.  Paul T. was also there.  He had a few dances with me.  I didn't have many dances last night.  Anyway I was talking to Louise & Jane (Louise's sister) about Paul O'L who is their step cousin.  I can't forget him.  Paul T. came over and sat with us and Jane said to him, "Tara's too good for Paul O'L, isn't she?"  Paul didn't know how to take it first but then he realized I'm crazy about Paul O'Leary.  I think (by the look on his face) that he was very hurt.  Bevan Bates also went to the dance which was a shock.  He never usually goes.

Today Nan had a pre-wedding party for her niece (Dad's cousin).  It was boring so I came back home.  I mainly watched TV today.  It's good having no school work to do.

I can't wait until tomorrow!!!  Peter Napier and his cousin David Barrett (also Aunty Kaye's nephew) are coming down.  I was getting bored today and dreading the holidays but now they're coming, it'll be good.

We went to mass tonight and Joanne went.  I couldn't wait to tell her and ask her up here to see Pete, but she practically ran away after mass, so I didn't get a chance.  She's very trendy and probably thinks I'm too daggy to be seen with.  Anyway, they're coming tomorrow afternoon & I can't wait.

The federal election was on yesterday & Labor got in again which is bad.  Our family is very much National supporters.  Mum & Dad are on all the committees and do a great deal for the party.