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Friday, December 4, 2009

4th December 1984 (Tuesday)

Today was pretty good.  I went bike riding (on the farm motorbike) with Peter, David & Geoff.  Peter was doubling me and I loved it.  We played tennis after that with Jo at the primary school I used to go to 700m away at the end of our track.  The boys rang her up but I didn't speak with her because I was jealous.  She is up here at the moment and she's staying for a few days.  Peter should enjoy that.

Joanne just read my whole diary and I'm very embarrassed.  She's watching me write this now (sticky beak).  Peter got very annoyed with me today.  Everything I did annoyed him.  He only has eyes for Jo.  That's depressing.  He's so cute.  David.  Joanne was complaining that I didn't mention David, so I did.

(Peter changed his shirt 3 times today.  Tara is dictating and I'm (Joanne) just writing.)

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