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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2nd December 1984 ( Sunday)

I'm almost too tired to be doing this now but because I didn't write last night, I thought I'd better.

I went to work yesterday morning.  Kelly had to leave early because her sunburnt back was causing her so much pain.  It was so bad, she was crying.  Poor thing.  So Donna came in again.

The Tooradin Dance was on last night.  Louise Zimmermann went.  She's a good friend from school.  Paul T. was also there.  He had a few dances with me.  I didn't have many dances last night.  Anyway I was talking to Louise & Jane (Louise's sister) about Paul O'L who is their step cousin.  I can't forget him.  Paul T. came over and sat with us and Jane said to him, "Tara's too good for Paul O'L, isn't she?"  Paul didn't know how to take it first but then he realized I'm crazy about Paul O'Leary.  I think (by the look on his face) that he was very hurt.  Bevan Bates also went to the dance which was a shock.  He never usually goes.

Today Nan had a pre-wedding party for her niece (Dad's cousin).  It was boring so I came back home.  I mainly watched TV today.  It's good having no school work to do.

I can't wait until tomorrow!!!  Peter Napier and his cousin David Barrett (also Aunty Kaye's nephew) are coming down.  I was getting bored today and dreading the holidays but now they're coming, it'll be good.

We went to mass tonight and Joanne went.  I couldn't wait to tell her and ask her up here to see Pete, but she practically ran away after mass, so I didn't get a chance.  She's very trendy and probably thinks I'm too daggy to be seen with.  Anyway, they're coming tomorrow afternoon & I can't wait.

The federal election was on yesterday & Labor got in again which is bad.  Our family is very much National supporters.  Mum & Dad are on all the committees and do a great deal for the party.

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