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Friday, December 25, 2009

25th December 1984 (Tuesday)

Today was great.  I love Christmas.  First, to start the day, Mum's parents and her sister's family and her brother came to our place.  We had just our family's presents then we had Mum's side's presents.  After that I gave a little concert to them all.  I used to be very shy at playing the piano in front of people but now I quite enjoy it.  After this we went to Aunty Pat & Uncle Henry's place for lunch (they are Mason's parents).  To get to their place we have to go down a back road.  It's fairly long and I drove on it.  I shouldn't have really because I don't have a license but cars rarely travel on it.  It's the first time I've driven on a public road.  When we got home we had presents at Nan's with Dad's side of the family.  I handed them out.  After this we had Christmas dinner.

Dad gave Mum a beautiful marcasite watch.  She was so surprised.  She'd been admiring it in the jeweller's window for years.

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