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Friday, December 18, 2009

18th December 1984 (Tuesday)

I finally got to the coast!  We were swimming in the pool for ages then we went to Pacific Fair.  I got Mum's Christmas present, some perfume.

Joanne gave me the biggest surprise of my life, and best one, too.  SEVEN PICTURES OF JOEY PERRONE!!!  Real live ones.  He was performing at Pacific Fair all last week and she took some photos.  And I missed him!!

We were looking out the bedroom window tonight and these two guys in the next unit's spa started waving and blowing kisses at us.  I asked them how old they were and one was 17, I don't know the other one's age.  They were telling us to come down but we didnt.  We hope they're cute.  We couldn't tell from five floors up, in the dark.  Anyway, we'll probably see them tomorrow, I hope.

I saw Joey on TV tonight and nearly fainted.

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  1. oooooh the days of YTT!!

    Good taste Tara, he was a hottie.