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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

23rd December 1984 (Sunday)

Joanne's grandfather died today.  He'd been ill for quite some time.  Mum went down to see if she could do anything for the Willetts which meant I had to milk.  I haven't been over to the dairy for months.  I hate milking.  It's so boring.  I hope I don't marry a dairy farmer.

Chloe and Karen left this morning.  They may be coming back later in the holidays.  I hope so because we get terribly bored if no one is here except us.

Mum and Dad went to a Christening this morning so we had lunch at Nan's.  They also went to Johnson's for a sort of Christmas party.

I was helping Melissa sew today.  It's her first attempt.  She's doing very well, but, like me, she has very little patience.

Melissa and I watched "Romeo & Juliette" tonight.  Seeing love stories really makes me feel lonely.  I feel I need someone to love me but I don't think it will ever happen.

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