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Sunday, December 6, 2009

6th December 1984 (Thursday)

Last night was bad.  Yesterday was worse.  We went swimming at the river and Peter made his move.  He was talking to Joanne and then I remembered I had to teach a piano lesson, so we all headed back.  I was first back at the tractor and I saw Peter & Joanne walking back holding hands.  I kept telling myself I wouldn't mind if Jo & Pete got together but when I saw them I proved myself wrong.  I don't know why I felt jealous of Joanne.  Either because she had a guy or because she had Peter.  Last night David and Peter said they'd come over to our place but it was late & they still didn't come so Jo & I went to get them from Aunty Kaye & Uncle Frank's.  Then we went to play pool at Nan's.  I got very angry with them because they were ignoring me & always lied to us.

But I've cooled down today.  Today was good.  We went swimming today, again.  And this time I went too.  (Yesterday I only watched).  Everyone else had gone in but me.  I always take ages to go in water.  Peter kept getting out & jumping in again.  Once he went behind me and "accidentally?" slipped in, pushing me in too.  I loved it of course.  I heard David say, when I took off my t-shirt & shorts, "Mm, not bad," to Peter.  I was the only one out of water so I think he was talking about me.  I hope he was.  We went bike riding today.  Jo & Peter and David & me.  It was fun.  Peter had been avoiding Jo today and when she was riding on the bike with him he told her to forget about it, that she lived too far away.  I feel sorry for her because she really likes him.  She went home tonight. She asked me to go down to the coast with them for a few days but I don't think Mum is going to let me go.  Mrs Willett has 4 clots in her leg.  But I really wanted to go.

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