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Saturday, December 26, 2009

26th December 1984 (Wednesday)

Mason & Aaron (his brother) and Aunty Pat came up today and we had lunch at Nan's with them.  Joanne came up to give me my Christmas present today.  She gave me a gorgeous calendar.  It's got really cute pictures for every month.  I dropped hers in their mailbox yesterday.  I was so tired today that I went to sleep at Nan's for about 1 hour.  I wonder if Paul will ring me?  I really hope he does, but I doubt it.  I've eaten so much that I've put on 3kgs in 3 weeks.  How disgusting.  I'll have to try and do something about that.  I'm 53kgs and I want to be 45-47.  But I doubt it very much that I'll make it.

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