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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10th December 1984 (Monday)

I got a postcard from Ann today which was great.  I'll have to send her a Chrissy card soon.  Although I won't have much news to tell her.

I went jogging down the hill this afternoon with Mel.  It's only about 800m but that's plenty for me!  I'll try to do it every afternoon but I'm pretty lazy.

Mum & I are going shopping in Brisbane with Mrs Dryden (Yoko's host mother) and Yoko on Thursday.  Yoko said she might ask Paul to come.  I hope he does but I doubt he will.

I'm dying to go down to the coast.  It should be great fun.

I keep forgetting to write this piece of info...
Louise confirmed my thoughts about Paul Teddington at the dance on Saturday night.  She said he's after me and that he's really sweet.  Maybe he is but I'm not interested.  Today, guys don't matter to me.  But that won't last for long!!!

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