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Sunday, December 13, 2009

13th December 1984 (Thursday)

Today was great!!  We went into the city first and I bought a few Christmas presents:  A travelling bag, pencil and rubber for Geoff and Melissa; a rubber each for Matthew and Shamus (my piano students); chocolate coated nuts for Dad; writing paper for Yoko; talcum powder for Jo and that's it.  I bought a t-shirt top for $10, it's yellow and I really like it.  Mum bought some coloured material for shorts for me and Mel.  I bought a book of theme songs to play on the piano.  Nan gave me $5 to buy my present from Kevin so I got a different theme song book (it was a bit more that $5 so I paid extra).  Grandma said to buy music up to $10 from her for Xmas so I bought another Richard Clayderman book.  It should be great (it was also more so I had to pay extra again).  Mum bought me some very nice shoes and material to make me a dress.  So altogether I spent $43.45.  Yoko had her hair permed on top and it's not too bad!  After this we went to Sunny Court, a Chinese Restaurant.  The meal was delicious but it was so big I couldn't even fit in dessert!!!  There was a waiter there who must be one of the most gorgeous guys I've ever seen in my life.  He was so cute.  I had a fun day with Yoko and I even saw Cathy O'Leary (Paul's cousin) whom I've only seen twice since she went to boarding school this year.  Yoko and I were talking about Paul a lot and I still really like him.  She bought him a diary for Christmas and said I could go halves so I think I will.  It wasn't very expensive but at least he'll remember me.  I just hope he doesn't think badly of it, after the term dance he's hardly spoken to  me.  But then again, I've hardly seen him.  Rural Youth are going on a camp this weekend and Yoko asked me to go.  I'd like to because Yoko, Karina, Louise and especially Paul are all going but Mum said no, so I guess I won't be going.


  1. Christmas presents weren't very extravagant in 1984!

  2. heehee I laughed at the pencil and rubbers but now that I think about it, I think my friends got pencils and rubbers in 1984 too!