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Monday, November 30, 2009

30th November 1984 (Friday)

Well, school's finished for another year.  It really doesn't seem like it.  I suppose it was because it was a cool day and the heat seems to signify Christmas and the end of school.  I guess what really meant the end of school today was the shaving-cream fight on the bus this afternoon.  They're fun, but messy.

I got some nice Christmas presents today.  Yoko gave me a pretty purse from Japan, Roselise gave me a beautiful statuette and Karina gave me 3 pairs of different sized 'pearl' earrings which was lovely.

Now I have to come to Paul.  I've made my decision.  It was the hardest choice but I think it will be better for me in the long run.  I chose to forget him.  It won't be easy, but I must try.  It nearly killed me at school today and I ignored him as much as possible. I think it's best if I don't join Yoko and give him a Christmas present.  I won't even give him a card.  It's very upsetting, but to me, Paul doesn't exist anymore.

I've just arrived home from dancing lessons.  None of my friends went.  Paul didn't go either.  I danced with Bevan again until Paul T & Mark Windsor arrived.  I was sitting with Bevan one side of me & Paul and Mark on the other side.  Anyway the dance started and Paul put his hand on my knee and said, "She's mine", then Bevan said, "Oh no she's not", and they started fighting over me.  Meanwhile, Mark grabbed my hand and got me up for the dance.  I thought it was very funny and it made me feel great.  Especially when other people noticed.

I got some results back today and I failed the Maths exam.  I was very disappointed.  My overall percent for the semester was 59% which is bad compared with Bevan's mark which was 98%!  And we do Maths I!!  I was very pleased with my Home Ec. result though.  I got 81%.  I really did try hard for Home Ec.  It's my favourite subject.

I found out what was wrong with Karina.  She thinks everyone always looks for me or talks to me and not her, which is absolute rubbish.  She shouldn't think things like that at all.


  1. Oh wow that takes me back - particularly school ending before December the 18th - It really did end a month before Christmas - I thought so...they had been secretly sneaking school holidays away from us for years...

  2. I remember the last day of school, and ignoring the current love of my life!
    What now for our lovely heroin? Can't wait to find out!