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Friday, November 13, 2009

14th November 1984 (Wednesday)

It's Geoff's and Nan's birthday today.  We had a little party for them tonight.

I wrote back to Eric tonight and I also wrote to Will.  I didn't write the nasty one.  Instead I wrote apologizing for offending him (whatever I said?)

I was talking to Arlene today and I'm positive Brad doesn't give a damn about me.  Why should he anyway.  I'm only a nobody.

Yoko and Paul were making me sick today.  They were talking about Japanese money and once they start with anything about Japan nobody else exists.  They completely ignore everyone.

Aunty Kaye (Peter's aunty, too) came over for the party tonight and I asked her if she knew Peter was writing to Joanne.  She said, "Yes, and I also know someone else who's writing to him."  I nearly died.  Aunty Maureen (Pete's mum) rang Aunty Kaye and happened to mention it.  She thought the letter was very funny though, which was good.

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