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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

12th November 1984 (Monday)

It's only 7:57am.  I'm writing because last night I dreamt he was at the dance.  I wish it was true.  I like Paul and Brad but sometimes I like Brad much better than Paul (that's now) and I never like Paul better than Brad.  So that must mean I like Brad the best.

I got 3 lots of results back today.  My Home Ec. field trip results were 22/30, Home Ec. assignment 24 1/2 / 27 and for my English speech I only got 5 1/2 / 10.  Very poor effort!
Karina would have seen Brad tonight and I can't wait until tomorrow to find out if he said anything about me.
Paul didn't say one word to me today until I asked him why on the way down to the bus stop.  He just said he didn't see me and he apologized.  I don't think he meant it though.  That Grade 8 girl that likes him is going to be in big trouble when I see her tomorrow.  Paul did take her home from the Blue Light disco on Friday night and she's done nothing but insult him all day.  She told him straight to his face she hates him.  I couldn't believe it.
I got a letter from Ann today which was really great!  I love getting letters from her.  The funny thing is that's the second letter of mine that has crossed in two weeks.  First Peter's and now Ann's.  She probably won't get mine until Thursday.  Anyway I wrote to her again this afternoon.  She should be surprised.  I didn't write to her for 2 months then I write her 2 letters in 2 weeks.  I'm really into writing letters lately.  I used to hate it but ever since I started this diary, I love writing letters.
We had to choose our books for speech night today.  We were allowed $12 worth.  I chose a cook book on cakes worth $4.99 and a Princess Diana book worth $6.99.  It's really lovely.  So I spent $11.98.  Two cents under, but I couldn't find a book worth 2c.


  1. Hmm... for someone who likes Brad more there's a lot of talk about Paul! I LOVED Princess Di... had heaps of books, newspaper clippings...
    Wonder what the next entry will bring!

  2. Me too! I cried like I'd lost a best friend when she died.