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Thursday, November 5, 2009

6th November 1984 (Tuesday)

I found out the best thing today.  Brad likes ME!!!!!!  Karina told me at school today and I was so happy!  She saw Brad at squash last night and told him I was going to write him another letter (just to see his reaction).  She said he got all excited and couldn't wait to get the letter.  But the hard task came - writing the letter.  I had to be so careful to say the right thing.  I don't want to lose him.  I wish he'd call me, it's much easier to talk to him than write a letter.  Brad is the first guy who's actually been interested in me.  (Apart from Wendel French who is in the lowest social class of Bodallin, which is very low.  That was embarrassing more than anything!)  I like Brad so much and I really want him to like me, too.  After he receives my letter (which was so dumb) he'll probably lose all interest and hurt me, like every other guy I've liked.  Paul didn't talk to me much again today but he was very busy all day anyway.  He was standing very close to me on parade this morning and kept touching me.  I nearly cried because I'd just found out about Brad.  A friend, Stephanie deLuca, gave me good advice today: "Just flirt with both of them and go with whoever asks you first."
My piano students didn't come of course.  They didn't even call us this time.  They really amaze me.  I've never met more unreliable people before.
Today my Home Ec. teacher told me that she has an Aunty Thera in Greece and she always goes to call me Thera instead of Tara.  I thought that was pretty funny.  Mrs Brand (my Home Ec. teacher) is unreal.  She's the best teacher I've ever had (at high school).


  1. I feel a bit sad for Wendel French. What became of him? Owner of Microsoft or something like that?

  2. I know, I was a harsh teenager!
    As far as I know, he's still hanging around Bodallin.