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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

24th November 1984 (Saturday)

I finally started studying for next week's exams.  I've only studied Maths so far.

Kelly wasn't at work today so I had to work with Donna Craig.  It was her birthday (Donna's).

Paul T. came into the supermarket where I work today.  He tried to get me to go to his party again.  Shane Ludbrock (Paul's friend) also works there and he knows me.  He was doing everything he could to get me to go.  Paul must have asked him to I think.

Yoko came in and gave me a really lovely 'present'.  Two photos.  One of Christine Hart, Karina, Yoko and me at a  dance.  I think it's the best photo of me I've ever had taken.  I actually look pretty.  And the other one was (of course) a photo of Paul O'L.  I haven't stopped looking at it all day!  I showed Mum and Dad so they know I like him now.  It's not really a very good one but any picture of Paul will do me.

We went to mass at Crystal Creek tonight.  I wanted to go into town because Paul probably would've been in there.  I can't wait until Wednesday night for two reasons.  One, because our exams will be over and two, the term dance is on and I'll see and, hopefully, dance with Paul.  The last reason is the main one.  I really am dying to see him.  I hope he asks me to dance with him.  If he doesn't, I'll ask him.

I wonder how Paul T.'s party is gong?

I asked Yoko if she said anything to Paul and she did.  She said, "Do you remember what I told you on Tuesday? (about me liking Paul).  Did you say goodbye to Tara?".  That's why he saw me on the bus.  I'm  very glad Yoko said that.  It's really amazing that just because of one night I don't care about anyone else but Paul.  I feel so much in love.  When he got those awards I realized it's Paul that I love.   Not Brad or Peter or Eric or Will or Paul Drury or Adrian Jameson or David Charles or any one else.  IT'S PAUL O'LEARY!!

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