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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

17th November (Saturday)

It's Uncle Frank's birthday today and it was announced at the dance tonight.

I went to the dance not knowing if any of my friends were going.  But Joanne went which was good.  Paul T also went and I'm pretty sure he's interested in me.  I wish he wasn't because I get annoyed when someone I like as a friend likes me more.  He invited me to his party next Saturday but I don't think I'll go because exams are that week.  Mark Windsor was also there and he's a pretty good bloke.  I had a few dances with him.  I had a lot of dances tonight.  All of a sudden I've sort of become popular (a bit) and it's a really good feeling.  Paul O'L wasn't there because he went to the Jamberoo dance.  Brad didn't go either.  That was a bit disappointing.

My piano exam was today.  I was very nervous and mucked everything up.  I didn't do my best and I'm sure I'll only get a B (if I'm lucky).  That's disappointing because in my last 3 exams (and my only exams) I achieved an A in all of them.  The piano was the most beautiful sounding instrument I've ever heard.  I felt really important playing such a beautiful sound.  I had a choice of an upright or baby grand.  I chose the upright.  I would have loved to have played the baby grand but because I've never played one before I was a bit apprehensive.

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