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Sunday, November 22, 2009

23rd November 1984 (Friday)

The Grade 12's last day today.  I was so sad.  I cried all day at school (because Paul was leaving).  He reminded the student body about the term dance over parade this morning and I started bawling.  I cried in Maths and Study and on the way down to the bus and on the bus and walking home.  I really am going to miss him!  He walked down to the bus with someone else this afternoon and I got very upset and started to cry.  I think he saw me and he came onto my bus just to tell me he'd still see me at dances and he's coming back to school on Tuesday.  I thought that was very considerate.  Yoko may have said something to him.  Because on the way down to the bus I said I wasn't going to write to him.  It was a selfish statement because I want him to like me and if he doesn't I get upset.  Anyway Yoko may have told him but I'm not sure, I'll have to ask her.  I've just started to cry.  I really am sure that I love Paul.  He said today that he would write one letter, photocopy it and send it to all us Aussies.  I really want a personal letter but I guess it's better than nothing.

Dancing lessons are on tonight.  Paul's not going, he's partnering Crystal.  Yoko's not going, she's at Karina's place.  Joanne's not going, she gets too bored.  And I think I'm going to be bored and upset tonight.  I hope I don't start crying because I don't want Mum & Dad to see me.  They'll think I'm stupid.

I got 14/16 for my Accounting Exam.  I found out today that for one of my Home Ec. assignments I got the highest from this and last years' classes!

Arlene gave the letter to Brad and he read it and threw it back at her.  I don't really mind because at Speech Night I realized I only like Paul.

(After dancing lessons)
Mum trimmed a little from the back of my hair tonight and I like it a lot now.

Dancing lessons were OK.  Bevan Bates was the only one I know there so I danced with him all night.  He really is hooked on Joanne.

I want to see Paul right now.  I miss him already and I only saw him 7 hours ago (that's a long time!!).  He likes someone but Yoko is the only person that knows who she is, and she won't tell me.  I know it's not me but I really wish it was.  I hope someday that I may marry Paul.   He'd be an ideal husband (for me anyway).  I want him to love me but I don't think he ever will.  I guess I can always hope.


  1. Ah... teenage love is so cruel.. and sad.. and cringe worthy! I'm beginning to wonder if Paul likes our dear Teenage Nobody? Or is that just my romantic/delusional teenage self coming out?

  2. Hmmmm, you'll find out. Won't ruin the surprise for you! ;)