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Sunday, November 8, 2009

9th November 1984 (Friday)

Arlene didn't see Brad again last night and we were away all night tonight so I don't know if he rang or not.  Karina will probably see him tomorrow so she'll say something if she does.
I'm liking Paul more and more.  A grade 8 girl is trying to con onto him.  She's got no chance.  Not that I have but I think I've got more chance than she has.
Paul was at the dancing lessons tonight and I've never seen him look more gorgeous.  He had fantastic clothes on and I loved them.  He is an unreal bloke.  I'm so confused between him and Brad.
After the dancing lessons Yoko, the Johnsons, Paul Teddington, Steven Fletcher, Scott Henry, Mark Windsor and Monica Hadley came up to Aunty Kaye's for supper.  I think Paul T. likes me but I'm not sure.  Aunty Kaye told him to escort me home afterwards and he did.  He's very nice (but only as a friend).  He said he might come and see me at work tomorrow.
I got 12 1/2 / 15 for my Ancient History exam.  I said it was a cinch.

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