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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3rd November 1984 (Saturday)

Work was boring as usual, and it's 'that time of the month' so I felt terribly ill.  Standing for 4 hours didn't help much either.  I work in the deli of the supermarket in town (Bodallin) on Saturday mornings.
I'm actually writing this on the 4th at 1AM!  We just got home from the Tooradin Dance and I've never had a more terrific time in my life!!!  Paul went BUT so did Brad Street.  He's unreal!!  I honestly don't know who I like best.  Eric Street (Brad's cousin) reckons he's going to set up me and Brad (I don't mind).
I better turn off the light, my sister is whinging.


  1. This is addictive to say the very least!

  2. I agree - how many diaries are there???

    If there are not enough to please the addicts can you just make some more up when it ends????


  3. How loyal are you? The diary goes for a bit over 2 years!! :)