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Friday, November 13, 2009

13th November 1984 (Tuesday)

I don't believe my mother.  I told her that I'd get Karina to post my letter to Ann because I haven't quite finished it yet and Mum is going to town today.  And she had the nerve to ask me if I was writing sensible things, not about boys.  I can't stand her, she makes me sick!  She took the liberty of reading my letter from Ann yesterday without asking.  Ann's letter was all about boys of course which Mum thinks is absolutely terrible.  She's an idiot!!  I'm sixteen and she's still on to me about boys.  Incredible!

Mum got her just desserts this afternoon.  Eric wrote to me and I hid the letter.  She was looking everywhere for it but I wouldn't tell her where it was.  He wrote a nice letter.  Very funny.  Will also wrote one to me.  It was very nasty so I'll write one back just as bad to him.
I had a talk to that Grade 8 girl today and she went crying to Paul.  Anyway what she told Paul was a pack of lies and Paul's not angry with me.
I hope Eric writes to me again.  He's great.

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