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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

19th November 1984 (Monday)

I felt terrible all day today.  It started just fine with an embarrassing moment with Paul.  We were on parade and I asked him what Crystal (the girl at Jamberoo) was like.  (I had previously asked Yoko but I wanted to see Paul's opinion).  Anyway he said she was very pretty and said to ask Yoko.  Then he said, "You've already asked her haven't you?"  I was stunned and answered with the truth.  He must think I'm a total idiot.  I felt really sick of him today.  He's getting on my nerves.  (I only say that when I don't get the attention I want).

We have to tape a 15min radio program for English which was supposed to be handed in on Friday.  We still haven't finished and we've got the strictest teacher in the school.  He'll kill us tomorrow.

I did have a tiny, weeny, little bit of excitement today.  I thought it was a big thing but it was a "wow" to everyone else.  Paul Drury (the most popular guy at school) scared me today.  He jumped out in front of me as he was walking past and gave me a heart attack, but I loved it.  I sort of know him.  He's so cute!!

Yoko is also making me sick.  Every time she's needed for school work and can't be found she's always talking to Paul.  She's always late to class because she's talking to him.  They always just leave without telling me or Karina where they're going.  It drives us crazy.  Sometimes I feel like Paul and I are so close.  I've only known him really well for a few months and I feel I could tell him anything.  But not lately.  He's too busy with Yoko!

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