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Friday, November 27, 2009

27th November 1984 (Tuesday)

Today we had English, Home Ec. & Accounting exams.  I did bad in English, fairly good in Home Ec. and 'I don't know' in Accounting.  We've got Biology tomorrow and I can't be bothered studying.  I don't know anything and I'm destined to fail.  I was very worried about my exams today but they all went OK.  I woke up with a bleeding nose at 4am this morning and got another one on the way to school.  I had to get on the bus with a bleeding nose.  How embarrassing!  Anyway I think it was from the tension.

Paul did come today.  I was glad to see him again.  Yoko asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he said he'd think about it.  Yoko said he doesn't like that girl (whoever she was) anymore.  Which is very good.  I'm hoping he'll be interested in me but I think it's a bit too much to expect.  Yoko and Paul were walking around the library (where we had our Accounting exam) and they saw me inside.  They were calling me but I didn't hear them so Paul came around to the doorway after Yoko said not to worry, they'd leave.  He wanted to wish me luck for my exam.  I thought that was wonderful.  And also when Roselise (another friend) was waiting for us after the exam Paul asked her if she was waiting for me.  She said yes so he said he might as well wait, too.  That's great!!  He's going to the term dance tomorrow night and he's also going to school again tomorrow.  So I really want to go to school tomorrow (apart from exams).

I've only got 2 exams left.  You beauty!!

I got a Christmas card from Leanne Session today who is an old friend from primary school who moved away.  I was shocked because I haven't heard from her for about 2 years.

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