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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

25th November 1985 (Sunday)

Exams are tomorrow!!  I'm getting very worried.  I have Ancient History and Maths tomorrow.  I'm not really too worried about them.  But I am about all the others.  Only 5 days left of school!  And only 3 days before I see Paul!!!  I really think I'm going to fail Biology.  I've only ever failed one exam before and that was Maths in Grade 8.  I had a terrible teacher, and I didn't try too hard either.

Nothing at all happened today.  I did everything possible to avoid studying.  I even slept for two hours to make the day go by quicker.  I played on the computer too much and after everything else, I did very little study.  I just can't be bothered doing anything.  I think it's because of Paul.


  1. I am so glad I am not a teen anymore! Reading this brings back so many memories! Thanks :)

  2. Wait 'til you read on the 29th. You'll be even more glad you're not a teen. So glad you're enjoying reading. Thank you!!