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Thursday, February 11, 2010

11th February 1985 (Monday)

I got a letter from Eric today.  All I need is one from Ann tomorrow and I'll have 3 letters in 3 days.  Eric's letter was hilarious as usual but he talked mostly about Joanne which makes me think he's using me to get at her.  But he said something very nice & thoughful.  He told me I deserved better than Brad.

I taught John piano again today.  I think he's doing quite well at the stage.

Karina & I made up the duty rosters for the Grade 12 camp today.  There's 2 girls and 2 boys in every group so we put Nic & Mathew in our group.

I am so glad I found out about Yoko & Paul on a Friday because it gave me the whole weekend to cool down.  I'm still talking to her.  Even more than before I knew.  She's too nice & too good of a friend to just let go like that.  Anyway I think my feelings were probably jealousy as well as hurt but I always overcome jealousy, like now.  I'm glad I'm still talking to her.  And I'm really glad I had the weekend or I might have done or said something I really regretted.

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