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Friday, February 26, 2010

24th February 1985 (Saturday)

Nothing happened in my life today.  I might as well have not woken up!  I wrote to Eric tonight.  Geoff went to the coast with the Grade 11's and bought Nik Kershaw 'The Riddle".  It's not as good as 'Human Racing" but it's good.  I love Nik Kershaw, and Wham!

I forgot to mention on Friday I found out Brad has a girlfriend.  So now Nick likes Janine, Matt likes Janelle, Paul's going with Yoko & Brad's going with Stacey.  That doesn't leave many for me.  But I'm really hoping Paul Street and I will hit it off. I don't think he drinks or smokes.  He seems sensible.  And I think he's a good Catholic.  All these things are very important to me.  Mum bought a brides magazine yesterday so we can get some idea of a style for my deb dress.  I've picked a really beautiful one.  I hope Mum can make it.  I want to be especially beautiful for my debut.  But that won't be possible for me.


  1. Oh Tara,

    Don't drink, don't smoke and a good catholic.....are you sure you aren't me???

  2. Don't tell anyone Tara ended up with a drinker, smoker (ex-smoker now), and a non-Catholic!