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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

7th February 1985 (Thursday)

A very strange thing happened to me at school today.  Geoff Mulroney and Andy Anderson, people who are 'too good' to talk to me, kept staring at me at morning tea.  They must have been making fun of me, because they don't like me (I don't think?).

Mum bought a tiny, pocket sized tape recorder today.  It has changeable speeds and Geoff and I were having great fun with it!

I had to do some sewing for Home Ec. tonight and it went wrong as usual.  I got impatient and Mum and I had an argument.  She drives me crazy.

I went to piano lessons this afternoon.  My teacher wasn't very pleased when I hadn't done my practice.  I had to do 1 HOUR of scales for the lesson.  I had intentions of telling her I'm not doing exams this year but she took it for granted that I am so I haven't told her yet.

I got my certificate for my last piano exam today.  Another one to add to my collection (what a skite!)

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