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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

6th February 1985 (Wednesday)

Karina and I sat at the same table as Nic in 2 classes today.  We didn't talk to him though.  We didn't know what to say.  I write about Nic a lot but I'm not crazy about him.  I'd just like to get to know him better because as I've said, I think exchange students are interesting.  Karina and I were talking to Mathew Winten a lot today.  He's one of Nic's friends.  We've known Mathew for ages but we were talking to him a lot more than before today.  He's really funny.

We picked our sports today and we're doing tennis.  We were going to do swimming but we changed our minds.

We were speaking to the teacher in charge of our house and we asked if we could be in the cheer squad and she said most likely depending on numbers.  Grade 12 is not as bad as it looked last week.  I'm really serious about being school captain or getting a main role in the school musical.  I want those two things more than anything (apart from doing well in my school work.)  I might get an important part in the musical because it's only offered to 11's and 12's but I don't have a chance of getting school captain.  I'll have to tell everyone I know to vote for me.  But I still won't make it.

Debbie came over tonight to get her hair cut.  While I was cutting it she said when she was in the supermarket I work at a few months ago with Matt, her mother and her other brother she showed her mum who I was.  Debbie told me her mum said I was pretty and she told me Matt said, "Yeah, isn't she?  I might ask her out."  Debbie said Matt told her he was going to come up and ask Mum & Dad if he could take me out to dinner.  But when they saw me in the supermarket Matt was going with someone else at that time.  So I doubt he would have said that.  I think Debbie was telling stories.  She's very good at that.  Anyway it made me feel really good.  I'll just believe her until I know it's not true because it's fun knowing (or thinking anyway) that someone likes you.

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