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Friday, February 26, 2010

13th February 1985 (Wednesday)

Joanne wrote a letter to Eric last night so she put it in with mine and posted it this afternoon.

I played tennis for sport today and Karina & I won against two other girls 6 - 3.  I haven't won for ages and I love winning!

After sport, Geoff Mulroney, our house captain (and a real cutie), asked Karina and me to help paint signs for our house.  I love doing things like that because it really makes me feel like a "Grade 12".

When I got on the bus after tennis, Mathew Winten said, "Tara!  Tara!  Where are you?" and I said, "Down here," and he said, "Oh, that's OK. I just wanted to make sure you were on the bus."  Talk about shame!  It was a big bus too and he wasn't exactly whispering.  Karina got upset though because he looked for me and not her.

There are power disputes on at the moment and they're so annoying.  It's been like this for about 3 days.  Power on & off.  You can't do anything!

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