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Friday, February 26, 2010

21st February 1985 (Thursday)

I'm writing yesterday's diary now because I was so tired yesterday that I slept from 4:30pm to 5:30am.

Nick practically ignored me yesterday.  He spoke to me a little bit but not much.  I don't really like him though.  The camp was really great!  I enjoyed it so much.  Especially about Nick.

Yesterday I was walking at school with my friends and Shane Ludbrock, Nick and some other guys were walking the other way.  I stood right in front of Shane and wasn't going to move and he did the same.  When we met he put his arms around me and kept walking.  Roselise was with me and she has the loudest laugh so everyone must have heard.  I wasn't embarrassed though.  It didn't worry me!  Then I saw him later and he winked at me and asked what I was doing last night & he asked me to his place (jokingly of course) and I said, "No thanks, Shane".  I like it when guys do that, even if they're only mucking around.  It makes me feel special.


Nick was the same towards me today.  I think he was just using me at the camp.  He did put his arms around my legs though.  But that meant nothing.  Roselise asked Shane Ludbrock to partner her for her debut and he said he would.

The power dispute is finally over.

Eric wrote to me again today.  It was about Jo again but not as much.

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