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Friday, February 26, 2010

16th February 1985 (Saturday)

Today was very exciting!  We had to work without electricity in the deli!  It's kind of difficult when the scales and slicer work by electricity.  And without lights it's pitch black.   Anyway, we managed.

We arrived at the camp at about 4pm.  It started off OK but as the night progressed it gradually worsened.  We played organized games and they were fun but I felt like 'a nothing', as usual.  Mathew Winten was talking to us a lot but then Miss bitch Roselise started with her usual come-on job.  She does it all the time and it makes me sick!  About 10 mins after Paul Gordon dropped her she tried to con onto David Charles.  But he had enough sense to ignore her.

I went to Karina's place after work and we mucked around (nothing out of the ordinary).  She saw Brad last night & he's going to partner her for her debut.  She's very happy about that.  I'm glad, too.

In our hut there are six of us, Stephanie deLuca, Terra Wilkinson, Kathryn Sellers, Karen Barry, Karina & me.  We're all such wonderful girls.  No, really, it's fun.  I got in with the best group by far.

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