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Monday, February 1, 2010

1st February 1985 (Friday)

Well, I've started the school year well.  I told myself I was going to do Friday's homework on Friday to leave the weekend free.  Yeah, you guessed it, I haven't done any.

We talked to Nicolas today.  Karina got him to translate her letter from her French penpal.  He's not near as bad looking as I thought.  He's really quite good looking.  He doesn't speak English very well though.  Karina and I would really like to get to know him well.  We find exchange students very interesting.

Karina and I have 4 classes together which is really great.  Just as long as we don't talk or else we may fail!

Today Karina wouldn't stop talking about Brad, which is nothing unusual, but today she said she thinks Brad likes me because at their camp last weekend she mentioned something about me and he seemed very interested.  What she said she couldn't remember.  But, anyway, I'm not getting too excited about it.  I've been told that before and I was only disappointed.  I only wonder how many times Karina will tell me that when she knows he doesn't like me.  I think she's making it all up because Brad's no more interested in me than Prince Andrew.  It's bad when best friends are in love with the same guy.  It causes quite a few problems.  But every guy one of us likes, we usually both end up liking him.   Today I was trying to get Karina to take me to the Valleydale dance tomorrow night because Brad will be going, but she won't because she thinks I'll cut her out.  I must admit, when I'm talking to a favourite guy of mine I forget about everyone else.  But I would not cut Karina out tomorrow because 1. he won't talk to me, and 2. if he does he'll talk to both of us anyway.  I guess I'm glad she won't take me because I'll only get upset anyway.  She got real angry when I kept asking her and she got into a huff.  We're so much alike that when we have a tiff, neither of us apologizes or anything, we just start talking again.

Melissa's Maths teacher, Mr Brand, was my Grade 8 P.E. teacher and when he asked her her name she said, 'Melissa Benning', and he said, 'as in "Tara Benning"?'  I knew someone would realize we're sisters.  Lots of people think we look alike but we don't really.  No one ever asks Geoff if he's our brother.  He probably looks different because he's got fairer hair and we've got dark hair.

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