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Friday, February 26, 2010

19th February 1985 (Tuesday)

Today was very eventful.  We had the usual boring pack up this morning and had lunch at 11:30.  Nick was with Janine & Wendy and said hardly anything to me.  I was very upset because I don't know what's happening.  We left the camp at about 12:45.  I was in the mini-bus.  I was hoping to get in the same bus as Nick but it didn't work that way.  Anyhow the big bus almost overturned in soft ground at road works.  It gave me a heart attack.  It really looked as though it would tip.  That was about a 1/2 hour delay.  Big excitement!

Mum picked me up from school and we did grocery shopping then came home.  Melissa told me about the dance and Bryant was there.  He was even asking for me and his friend asked how old I am.  She said he sounded very interested.  I was so excited when I heard.  He's going home tomorrow or next day though.  How disappointing!

Now a lot of people know I keep a diary but I don't mind anymore.  

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