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Friday, February 26, 2010

17th February 1985 (Sunday)

We had an early start this morning.  We all got out of bed at 5:30!!!  With six of us needing showers & blow dryers before breakfast (and a blackout) we needed the early rise.

Before lunch we got our senior badges & a talk about our roles as Grade 12's.  Then after lunch we had group activities.  That was fun but we had a few casualities.  Of course, Karina was one.  She cut her arm & leg jumping out of a tree.  It sounds dumb but we all had to do it.

Nothing was organized for the night so Nick Saxby asked us down to his cabin.  Some of the other guys locked us in so Karina, Karen, Stuart Hamilton, Nick & I were all stuck in the cabin in a blackout without a torch.  Not that we minded.  Karen & Stuart were on the bottom bunk doing their own thing.  Nick was coming close to me before we went to his room but I thought nothing of it.  But he asked me up onto the top bunk and we were lying close together.  We didn't do anything at all but I wonder what would have happened if Mr Stone hadn't have shone the torch in the window.  It gave us all a heart attack.  He let us out and we joined the rest but Nick didn't want me to go.  I feel really sick now and I don't know if it's from nerves, shock or the food.  Probably a mixture of them all!

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