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Monday, January 11, 2010

11th January 1985 (Friday)

Joanne went home this afternoon and Melissa came home & brought Amber with her.  I'm glad Joanne came up.  I like it when she comes up but she really must have been so bored because we did nothing.  Today we swam on the trampoline for awhile and we played pool & watched TV.  Karina rang me today.  She didn't ask me to stay at her place but she did ask if I still wanted to go down to the party with them.  And, of course, I said yes.  She had to ask me a question though.  It was, "Can I sit in the middle on the way down?".  I said yes because I don't want to push my luck.  I'm really hoping Brad will ask me to sit in the middle but as if.  I'm dying to go to this party but Karina said she heard that some 'tough' grade 12 boys are going to gatecrash for a stir.  That will ruin the whole day if they do.  Karina & I decided not to buy Paul a present.  Mum thinks I should but I don't want to be the only one.  We'll probably just buy him a card.  I wonder what Brad will say to me on Sunday.  I hope he's really nice to me and he really likes me.  But I've got high hopes.  I suppose I'd better go to sleep.  I'm very tired.  The heat wears me out.  And I have to work in the morning.  Kelly had better be there this week.  I'll be very bored if she isn't.  And I want to tell her all my 'exciting' news.  (Real exciting!)

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