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Thursday, January 21, 2010

21st January 1985 (Monday)

Today was really great.  I didn't see Peter until we went swimming at about 2:30.  We were down there for about an hour and a half.  I was talking to Paul for awhile about David and he's a real little sweetie.  He's so cute.  Takes after his big brother, David.  Then a mud fight started.  Geoff, Chris, Ben, Paul, Peter (Paul's friend) & Natasha against Peter Napier.  Melissa & I were smart enough to just watch.  Then when Peter got back in the water we had a really good talk.  I'd forgotten what it was like to really talk to him.  We used to talk alone for a long time every time he came up but lately he has been neglecting me, and with six boys and three girls here at the moment he doesn't usually spend any time with us.  After swimming he asked us to go to Aunty Kaye's place so we did.  He had a bad headache and Aunty Kaye had no Panadol so we had to come back here for that.  Then he came into my bedroom and stayed here for over an hour.  I cleaned his toenails and cut them for him.  I like doing things for him.  Then he tried to go to sleep.  But I wouldn't let him.  Then Paul & Peter (the other one) came over to collect him.  We all played pool at Nan's tonight with the exception of Mr Napier who went to sleep right after dinner.


  1. You cleaned his toenails????? Oh Tara, just how low will you go???

  2. OMG...I can't believe it myself...what was I thinking??!! lol