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Monday, January 25, 2010

23rd January 1985 (Wednesday)

Chris turned fourteeen today and we had a party for him.  But I'll get onto that later.

I was playing on the computer this morning and Peter came over to ask me to do some sewing for him.  I felt good that he asked me but I can't sew very well.  He wanted me to take down the hem from his long pants.  All I did was pin them, I got Mum to sew them.  Then he got me to cut his hair.  It's so short already and there was hardly anything to cut.  I just did what he said but I probably really ruined his whole lifestyle by cutting it wrong.  He said it looked better anyway.  We went swimming again today.  Peter didn't come for about an hour after we got there because he said, "The men needed my valuable assistance."

We had a nice BBQ planned for Chris's party.  We were going to have Nan & Kevin, Aunty Kaye, Uncle Frank, Peter, Paul & Peter No.2 along with Grandma, Grandfather & Dan (Mum's brother) who were coming out from town.  But Aunty Kaye and her group couldn't make it because they went to Aunty Kaye's friend's for tea.  And Grandfather had bookwork to do, so he couldn't make it.  And on top of all that, it stormed and washed out our barbie.

Ben, Chris & Natasha left with Grandma tonight.  They were beginning to get on my nerves so I'm glad they've gone.  Chris is OK but Ben & Natasha are pains.

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