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Monday, January 4, 2010

4th January, 1985 (Friday)

At least I did something again today rather than sit at home and be bored.  I went into town with Mum.  I didn't see anyone I knew.  I got more of my reading books for English.  After Mum had finished her shopping I decided to get my hair cut.  This was at quarter to one and the next appointment was for one-thirty, so we went up to Grandma's.  My cousin, Natasha, is up there at the moment.  Anyway, when I went back to the hairdresser I said I wanted it different but I didn't know how.  So she just cut it shorter at the sides and trimmed it at the back.  It's not really very different but I like it anyway.  I cut Geoff and Melissa's tonight, too.  So we all had a haircut today.

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