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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

19th January 1985 (Saturday)

Kelly was finally at work this morning.  And her hair is the same as mine!  We both changed it the same way without each other knowing.  Yoko came in to see me this morning.  She gave me Paul's address.  Anyway, enough of that rubbish.  On to the good stuff.  Of course it's about the dance.  Brad did go but he completely ignored me all night.  Eric didn't know why.  I was talking to Eric a great deal tonight and had two dances with him.  Eric is very, very, very nice.  I really like him.  But no more than a friend.  I was really depressed when Brad ignored me.  I was so upset I could have cried BUT beautiful Bryant came in and asked me for a dance.  Then I forgot all my worries about Brad because Bryant gave me all the attention I wanted.  I've like him for about two years (that is, when I see him).  David Barrett's younger brother Paul and his friend Peter have been at Aunty Kaye's since Friday and they went to the dance.  I had two dances with Paul but during the second dance with Paul, Bryant got Melissa up so we swapped partners and I got to dance with Bryant.  He's so gorgeous.  Will Roley went and he really likes Jo.  He gave me a sweet smile and said hello but I looked the other way.  I had a total of 8 dances tonight.  One with Peter Napier, one with Matt, two with Eric, one with an old bloke, two with Paul B AND most importantly one with Bryant.

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  1. ha! Take that Brad. And who is this mysterious old bloke?