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Sunday, January 31, 2010

29th January 1985 (Tuesday)

Mum went into town today.  I got her to get some things for my cooking tomorrow.  I've only got one day of holidays left.  It was Melissa's first day at high school today.  I drove down to pick her up from the bus stop.  She loved it.  It'll be good having her at the same school.  I've been to school for eleven years and only three have been at the same school as her.

I read the book Donna lent me today.  It was really good.  I read the whole book in one day.  Karina rang me today.  Right when I was cooking potato salad.  I burnt it!  Anyway she couldn't stop talking about Brad.  Their Rural Youth Group went on a camp on the weekend.  I was crying when she was talking to me.  She didn't know though.  She was saying how she thinks Brad's mum wants her to ask Brad to partner her for her debut.  It was really depressing me.  Mum rang Aunty Pat (Mason's mum) last night to see about him partnering me.  He's taken on a lot at uni so he probably can't do it.  So it looks like it'll be Paul Street (Eric's brother).  I really want him to, I think he's very nice.  He may not be able to do it because he goes to boarding school.  But he already knows how to dance so he wouldn't be disadvantaged if he missed a few practices.  Aunty Kaye (she & Leonie train the Catholic debs) said boys from boarding school have done it before so I hope he can.  Aunty Kaye was very sympathetic towards my finger.  She's really nice.  She's a terrific aunty.  I told her how I wanted Brad to partner me but Karina wanted him.  She told me to get in before Karina.  I like the way she says things like that.  Mum never would.

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