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Sunday, January 3, 2010

3rd January, 1985 (Thursday)

Today we went visiting.  We went to see a good friend of Mum's since she was at school.  Their names were Sharon and Errol Jones.  They have 3 children, Paul, Belinda and Katrina.  Paul, the oldest is the same age as Michelle, our youngest.  We had dinner there and just got home at 11:30pm!  They live in Brisbane.  They're really lovely people.  I didn't really want to go but now I'm glad I did.  Katrina wasn't there today.  She was staying with a friend.  They have a video and we hired "Mr Mom".  I've seen it before at Ann's birthday party.  It's very funny (especially when it's being rewound).

Before we left, which was about 3:30, I mainly read one of my books for English.  I figure I won't have much time to read them after school starts so I'll read them now.  Besides, I like reading.

The painter came back to finish off today and brought his two, brat daughters with him.  Talk about make themselves at home.  We've never even seen them before.  They stayed inside, supposedly watching TV after we left, but Melissa thinks they may have gone through stuff in her room.

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