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Thursday, January 14, 2010

14th January 1985 (Monday)

Last night after I wrote my diary Mum came in and suggested I should ask Paul Street to partner me for my debut this year.  I told her I don't really know him very well and he goes to boarding school.  She said I could get Mason to do it then.  I really want Brad to do it but Karina told me she wants to ask him first.  And so he'll partner her but if he says no he'll say the same to me.  So there's no way I'll get Brad as my partner.

Last night I couldn't stop crying about what didn't happen yesterday.  I was so disappointed.  Joanne rang me to see how the party went but I couldn't say much because Mum was in the room.  I'll ring her back sometime this week.

Mum made herself a skirt and tried it on in my room.  Then she told me to try it on.  It fitted me and she asked me if I wanted.  So I've got a new skirt.

I wrote a very personal letter to Brad today.  I'm not going to give it to him, I wouldn't dare!  I just poured out my feelings into it.  I like him so much but that doesn't make any difference to him.  He didn't say he only wants to be friends, but I'm not stupid.  You could tell a mile away he's not interested.  Not even slightly.   Eric has got to be the biggest liar I've ever met, by far.  I think it was very cruel to say Brad likes me when he knows he doesn't.  Why would he say such things?  Maybe he hates me and he's doing it to hurt me.

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