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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5th January 1985 (Saturday)

It's only 5:45pm but I have quite a bit to write and I don't want to leave it all until after the dance tonight.  Kelly wasn't at work again this morning.  I worked with Donna Craig this time.  She's good to work with.  We get along well.  Donna Willett drove me in this morning.  Mrs Willett didn't come.  On the way home Donna was telling me her problems with a particular guy.  Of course I feel sorry for her, but it make me feel better to know I'm not the only one.  Paul T. came into work this morning.  He didn't talk to me, he just waved.  Nick Saxby came into the deli this morning and lent right over me and said into my ear, "How are you this morning, Tara?"  I liked that.  Mr Myer's son has been working in there lately and he kept looking at me this morning.  Probably because I'm so ugly.  Grandma came down to me at work to give me our family presents from our cousins' grandma in Brisbane.

I went to sleep when I got home and the phone woke me.  It stopped ringing so I thought someone must have answered it.  I felt sure it was for me and was surprised when no one came to get me.  So I went back to sleep.   Then the phone rang again.  I couldn't be bothered answering it but it kept ringing so I got up to answer it, but, you guessed it, it stopped just as I reached it.  Anyway it was for me.  Karina rang back ten minutes after that last call.  She rang to see if I was going to the dance.  She's going, too.  She had quite a good deal of news for me.  Paul Zimmermann likes her and now she knows how I felt about Paul T.  She also said Yoko rang her just before she rang me, asking for my phone number.  So that must have been the first caller.  I knew it was for me.  But she still hasn't contacted me.  I wish she would.  I have to ask her about that letter.  Just after Karina rang Grandma rang with good news.  Mum's brother in Sydney, Uncle Carl, has a son.  That's two now, Laura and this new baby.  Now I have seven cousins.  Five are boys and two girls.

I can't wait until the dance tonight.  It should be good if lots of people I know go.


The dance was unreal.  It was one of the best ever.  I was surprised when Eric came up to me almost as soon as he came in and talked to me.  He asked me up for a dance.  So that was dance number one.  We had a really good talk about Brad.  He said he was talking to Brad and asked him who he liked best out of Karina, Sandy and me.  I was very surprised and happy to hear he chose me.  Then Brad asked me for two dances in a row.  I love dancing with him, he's so tall and big.  He's 6'1 1/2".  I just seem to disappear in his arms when I dance with him.  I am only 5'2".  I feel really comfortable dancing with him.  After the second dance he sat beside me for the rest of the night.  If he does like me, he's a very slow mover.  He hardly spoke to me and I wish he would have held my hand or something.  Paul O'L was there, too, but he wasn't sitting with us.  When he first came in he said it was good to see me again, that he hadn't seen me for ages.  That embarrassed me and I didn't know what to say.  Roselise also went and Paul hadn't personally invited them (her & Karina) to his party so I had to ask him if they were invited.  He said of course and Brad asked if he could go.  Paul said yes so it should be great!!  Even better, Karina's sister Nerida and her boyfriend Rick are going and will be taking Karina and Brad, and I might be going with them!  Brad has the most gorgeous blue eyes.  He's really adorable.  For my fourth dance,  Matt Stetson got me up.  He used to like me but I did nothing about it so he has another girlfriend now.  Anyway, he got me up in the Progressive Barn Dance.  I progressed onto Paul O'L and he said,
"You look very pretty tonight."
I said, "Yeah, sure," sarcastically.
He said, "No, you really do, very pretty."
And I said, "I doubt it."
Then we came to a waltz in the dance and the floor was very crowded and we were squashed and he pulled me very close to him and said, "Oh, I like this."

I mentioned that at the last dance Benny Schneider was there.  Well tonight both Benny and Byrant went.  I danced with Bryant in the progressive barn dance and said hello but I didn't think he recognized me.  He obviously did because he asked me for a dance.  The same way he always used to.  It was the Rockabilly and he just kept looking and smiling at me.  He used the same antics he did about 2 years ago and I said, "You're still the same."  He just looked at me innocently and said, "Who? Me?"  I think he liked it when I said that because he smiled at me even more.  He's got the most gorgeous crooked smile.  Karina was angry with me a usual.  My first two dances with Eric and Brad made her very angry and I didn't know why until she said, "Not only do you steal one, but two!"  She still likes Brad and Eric.  I didn't know.

I asked Paul about the letter and he said it must have been from someone else.  I still don't understand but it doesn't bother me that much anymore.  Paul also thanked me very much for the Christmas present I gave him.

Overall the dance was fantastic, great, unreal, fun and I got plenty of attention from all the guys I wanted.  That really made my day.  (Just in case you're wondering, I like Brad the most.  Definitely!!)

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