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Saturday, January 2, 2010

2nd January 1985 ( Wednesday)

I nearly fried alive today.  It was boiling!  It must have reached 40o.  Anyway, we solved that problem by going swimming.  Aunty Kaye's sister and her family are up for a few says.  She has two boys, Scott & Andrew.  They're both younger than Geoff.  Scott & Geoff are great mates.  They came swimming with us too.

I got a letter from Yoko today which has really got me confused.  When I gave her her Christmas Card (at school) I had written on it "Sorry for all the trouble I cause you" at the term dance.  But in the letter she said -

"Anyway he (Paul) then gave me your New Year Card.  So that's mainly why I'm writing to you now.  Thank you so much for it.  You are a very sweet friend.  I know I'll miss you in Japan.  I don't know why you gave it to Paul and why you said that you were sorry to have caused me trouble" etc, etc.

I really can't understand how my Christmas Card which I gave to her in person turned into a New Years Card given to her by Paul.  I'm really worried about it.  How on earth did Paul get it.  I'm sure I gave it to her.  I wouldn't have given it to Paul, I'm sure!

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