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Monday, April 12, 2010

12th April 1985 (Friday)

We went shopping today.  Just Mum & I.  We went to Gardams and they had exactly the dress I had been wanting.  I tried it on and it did suit me although it was a bit big.  We bought all the material for it and the gloves.  They look so tiny but they stretch to fit.  Mum wasn't looking forward to buying the shoes because I've got such a tiny foot and coming into winter, white's not such a popular colour.  So she didn't fancy our chances.  But, oddly enough, the first pair I tried on fitted perfectly and I loved them.  And as a bonus they weren't too expensive.  Then we went to look for a pair of baggies for me.  I usually have trouble finding jeans to suit me because I'm only short (and fat).  But the third pair I tried on were really great.  Of course I have to be different though, no ordinary size will do me.  I got size 9!!  Then, of course we had to go to Palings.  We can't go to Brisbane without going to Palings.  I bought Olivia's latest album in written music for the piano.  I played some this afternoon.  They aren't very good on piano but they're OK.

Joanne rang me this afternoon.  She wants the Nik Kershaw tape for Steven's party tomorrow night.  So I'll take it when we go.  I spoke with her for quite a while but I wouldn't have a clue how long.

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