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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

26th April 1985 (Friday)

Today's the kind of day which seemed to drag on forever because so many different things happened.

Karina wasn't at school today because she had a Geography excursion.  That means half of the grade 12s weren't there.  Plus, the zone football trials were held at our school so we had teachers missing and lessons watching football etc.  So today was pretty jumbled.  Anyway I got half of my English speech for Monday written.  I saw the Guidance Officer today about Ancient History but he hasn't seen my teacher yet so I'll have to see him again on Monday.

After lunch we had double English but our teacher was away so we had a study first then we watched football.  I couldn't pick out any exceptionally good looking guys.  When I was waiting at the bus turn-around after school I was standing next to a footballers' bus.  I wish I was pretty because they were calling out to all the pretty girls and I just stood there looking ugly.  And I got myself all depressed, and wouldn't talk to Joanne on the bus.  But then I complained to her about me being so ugly & such a dag.  And she was really terrific.  She really made me feel better.  Mainly because we were mucking around.  We have a lot of fun when we muck around, but that's not very often anymore because of Kate (yes, you detect a sign of resentment).

Anyway, to make my good mood even better, I found another letter for me when I got home.  But, surprise, surprise, it wasn't from Ann or Yoko or Paul O'Leary or even Eric, but Paul Street!!  I was quite surprised because I didn't even write to him first.  A guy actually wrote to me without me writing first!!!  I was stunned.  But it wasn't a very exciting letter.  Although he did have one point of interest, David Parker.  In my letter to Eric I told him to say a special hi to David etc.  Paul read Eric's letter and told me David said to say hi to me and he'll write to me IF (of course) I write first.  And you can be sure I will!!  In Eric's letter I also told him to tell Paul I was first for the deb.  But in Paul's letter he said he already knew.  Don't know how.  But that's something I can ask when I write back.

Deb practice was great tonight.  It's really fun.  I love it!!

I paid my deposit for the ski trip today.  I'm going to the Snowies with the school in August!!! It should be fantastic!

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