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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

16th April 1985 (Tuesday)

Today was mostly occupied with Nick.  I don't know what to think about him! He's obsessed with sex.  In English (first lesson) our teacher was away so we wrote notes to Nick.  It went something like this:

Darling Nick,
How are ya going, love?  Put your hair on the side again tomorrow so I can call you cutie.
Love Tara

Nick (cutie-pie),
What are you doing today?  If you've got $15 I'm free at lunch time.
Love Karina

Come to Mr Dean's (new teacher) party and I can share you both for about $50.

Sorry, I've just remembered I'm busy Sunday.  Maybe some other time.
Love Karina

I'm free!!!
Love Tara

I'll give you this and much more at the party.
Love Nick

If you define 'more' I'll think about it.
Love Tara

It depends on what mood I'm in and how much drink I can get.

I'm all yours, tiger.
Love Tara

I'll show you my manliness at the party.
Love Nick

Is that possible?

End of note.  I was just mucking around and that's not 'typical me'.  I was being 'daring' writing that.  But that's definitely 'typical Nick'.  He's always like that.  I wish he could talk about something else.  All he ever talks about is what I previously mentioned or school.  Unusual combination, but it's true!  I don't know what he thinks of me but I prefer not to think about that.  I only like to consider my feelings for guys instead of getting myself all worried about how they feel about me.  It's impossible to know unless they're asked and that ruins everything so, it's better forget it!

I had musical practice at lunch time.  It went fairly well.

Joanne and I got along alright today.  She was more friendly towards me today.

Wendy Harvey gave Geoff and me a letter about the church youth group.  I'm really interested in going.  I think it would be great.  I found out something very interesting today.  It's about when we went to the movies with youth group.  Wendy & I were the oldest on the bus (apart from the driver) so 'we' mainly Wendy, were supervisors.  So we sat at the back and I happened to sit next to Mark McKenzie.  He's in grade 10 and goes to the Catholic high school in a neighboring town.  Anyway, he's very cute and has a lot of adoring little girlfriends.  And one happened to mention "how close that girl was sitting next to him" to Wendy.  I thought that was extrememly funny.  Little girls are jealous of me sitting next to a little boy two years younger!

Melissa saw her teacher that plays football today and asked how his knee is.  He said it's not good.  He's had two operations and is having physio and they'll see if he can play in a month.  But there's no promises.  It's really disappointing for everyone.  He's cute too!!  Melissa said hello to him from me today.  I didn't even tell her to!

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