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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

17th April 1985 (Wednesday)

I laughed a lot today which means I had a good day, until lunch time anyway.  David talked to us today!!  It was really great.  I do still like him.  And a lot more than Nick!  David's perfect (to me anyway).  There isn't a thing about him I don't like.  Except maybe his green eyes.  But that's not important.  I only wish it could be like today every day.  We only spoke to him for one lesson but it was great!  He's so different to Nick.  He's not obsessed with sex.  Wendy told me that when he was going with Janine he used to send her flowers for her birthday, and did romantic things like that.  I think that's really beautiful.  Not many guys these days would do something like that.  The reason Janine and David broke up was because Janine didn't want to get too serious and David was.  I think (I can't be sure) that Janine took David for granted.  He needs someone who would appreciate him.  And, of course, I would be just the right person.  I wish he had the same opinion!

Nick went away to play sport today.  He plays cricket.  He didn't say much to us today but then we didn't see him much.

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