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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

24th April 1985 (Wednesday)

Today was very busy.  First of all we had sport.  I didn't take my racquet so I was going to do some Maths.  But instead I wrote a letter to Eric from Karina (she dictated).  I told her to put stuff in about David Parker.

After that we had a committee meeting.  We just wrote down ideas for the newspaper.  It should be good if we do it right.

Then I had musical practice after school.  Not many people turned up which was maddening because we go on stage in four weeks!!  And it's not very far advanced.

Then the good news for the day.  When I got home I found a letter from Eric.  This is totally amazing because he posted mine at noon yesterday and he would have got mine yesterday after he sent his.  We even wrote them on the same day.  And we wrote a letter to him today.  That's three co-incidences.

This morning Karina & I had to put up the flag at assembly because we had an army captain coming to talk to us about ANZAC Day tomorrow.  And because we were the closest people around we were the ones who got sucked in.  Total embarrassment!!

Tonight I started sewing my jamies.  I almost finished the top & it's very late & I'm very tired.  So, goodnight.

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