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Monday, April 5, 2010

5th April 1985 (Friday)

First day of holidays and boy did it feel good!

It's Good Friday so we went to Stations of the Cross at Ridgehaven this morning.

After we came home I did some cooking.  I made chocolate fudge and caramels.  The fudge worked OK but my caramels always have to be scouped out of the tray with the fingers.

Melissa and I had a game of tennis after that.  I beat her 6-1 but that's understandable because I'm older and I play a lot more often.

Mrs Street rang Mum tonight to say they're going to the dance tomorrow night.  She also said the Brother at the college won't allow Paul home every week for practices.  We already assumed that.  I'm glad really because I don't like Paul very much.

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